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Our products

Securcube®PhoneLog: Cell Detail Records (CDR), mobile extraction and correlation with other digital evidence

The software consents the cross-analysis of multiple digital evidence with a solid and, most of all, logical process for the in-depth reconstruction of suspects’ digital alibi and mobile devices behaviour. High worldwide CDR compatibility with real time correlation of data extracted from devices, GPS tracks etc.

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Securcube®BTS Tracker: measurement of the real BTS coverage, radio environment activity, at the crime scene

The hardware module offers a trustworthy examination of the real cells coverage at the investigative area of interest. It performs the simultaneous data scan of every cellular providers, technologies, band, signal, frenquencies and much more, with a comprehensive overview of the results obtained.

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Digital forensics software & hardware solutions, training & education program

We wants to be the first in the field to provide streamlined digital forensic solutions up to the latest investigative standards, for the best cross-analysis of the digital crime scenario.

Securcube s.r.l. cooperates closely with Police Forces and Governmental Authorities in Europe and overseas countries, for the daily crime fight and citizens security. Furthermore, we support also the private sector, especially digital experts, investigators, lawyers and consultants committed in the examination of electronic devices contents and related data, providing them advice, trainings and solutions for the phone records (CDRs) & historic cell site location information (HCSLI), namely CSA and BTS measurements, our key expertise. Our technology looks at users’ needs, focused on the best forensics analysing assets where, regardless, do not forget the usability.

Nowadays the main challenge is to provide the right digital forensic technology able to import, parse and correlate multiple digital evidence, such as phone records and mobile extractions or GPS tracks, reducing the time needed for the traditional and demanding one-way examination of the data. The increasing amount of mobile data stretch the standard analysis and the digital experts, need to be supported more and more by responsive technology. Offering Securcube®PhoneLog and Securcube®BTS Tracker, we aim to support digital experts with corroborated evaluations and findings ready for the report in the courtroom.