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Securcube®BTS Tracker Standalone

Hardware module to perform forensic radio frequency (RF) survey to highlight the cell sites that cover and serve a defined area of interest at the time of the scan, namely the real cell tower coverage. Securcube®BTS Tracker provides the most reliable outlook of the digital crime scenario, running simultaneous data gathering of every cellular providers and technologies.


The BTS (Base Transceiver Station) measurement is a rising forensics technique able to fulfill lack of clues coming from by the mobile devices. Securcube®BTS Tracker performs radio frequency (RF) scans to point out the real cell towers coverage, namely the current ‘performance’ of the radio environment, based on variables that can occur, in the area of interest.

Considering that the efficiency of cell tower is subjected to multiple variables (to name a few: weather, network traffic, prioritization, roaming agreement etc.) and the information that cellular providers can forward are theoretical, it turn out to be essential, for an investigator, to start the investigation analyzing the radio frequency propagation.  In this way it is possible to determine only the specific group of the cells up to the crime dynamics, slimming down and refining the digital evidence analysis.

 Our key customers:

  • Police forces (ie. Telecommunication units)

  • Government authorities

  • Consultants and lawyers

  • Private investigators

  • Digital experts committed in field tests

BTS Tracker scanning in progress

What makes Securcube®BTS Tracker stand out

Cells coverage data gathering is an increasing forensics analysis that we put at Police units disposal with the help of BTS Tracker. The idea is to create a synergic cooperation between investigators faced with the cells field test and the ones in the office who evaluate the technical data. The standalone version save time and data sharing can be almost in real time. The mobile app that controls the module is the easiest way of checking the cells measurements, creating a fair balance between the need of skilled telco standards and the clarity of the results obtained.

The effective real cell coverage analysis

Examine the cell tower by different aspects


This investigation technique comes handy when investigators has any substantial evidence to start with. The examination of the area of interest is valuable to define the flow of the telephone traffic generated all around the crime scene and adjacent areas.  Evaluating each cell, which we know exactly the CGI (MCC, MNC, LAC, CID), the minimum, maximum and average signal strength, it is possible to highlight the suitable serving cells and give a first frame of action.

Using Securcube®BTS Tracker different scan mode (between 2G+3G; 2G+3G+4G; 4G; 2G Active set)  it is possible to obtain details such as the CGI, Latitude & Longitude (cell site); the technology; the signal strength (Max – Min – Average); the accuracy; the average speed (in movement); the parameters (C1; C2) for GSM; the RF bands and ARFCN, to name a few.

Check the coverage swing of different scans in the same area


These information, that can be imported into the dedicated desktop software Securcube®BTS Tracker, support the investigator on the close examination of the crime dynamics.

For instance, comparing the scans let verify the discrepancy of the cell towers coverage in different day, slot of time, etc.

Data map out


Map overlook of the data gathered during the field test. When investigators refine the range of cells potentially connected by suspect’s mobile phones activity can ask for phone records (CDR), namely communication traffic such as calls, SMS etc. of the specific group of cells. National telephone operators (carriers) store the information in records, for specific period of time subject of investigation.

Multi-level investigation with Securcube®PhoneLog


Analyse the data obtained with a multi-level approach using Securcube®PhoneLog ( CDR analysing sofware) slimming down the huge amount of data showing, for example, the devices that were in the area covered by the specific cells. The information, available within CDR files provided by the carriers, can offer insights such as correlation between numbers and IMEI or IMSI. These files have the highest level of content incorruptibility.

To sum up:

Try now our free mobile APP*!

  • Mobile APP control
  • Integrated GPS
  • Compatible with every cellular providers (carriers)
  • Accurate radio sensitivity
  • Cell site analysis geolocation
  • 2G/3G/4G compatible
  • Simultaneous scan of 2G/3G/4G technologies of all operators
  • Single dedicated 2G scan ‘ACTIVE SET’ (serving and neighbors)
  • Weak signal identification (unknown entities i.e. FEMTO Cell)
  • Complete scan of bands; frequencies; signals
  • Easy to carry around, unobtrusively
  • High performance, battery autonomy