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Digital forensic services, consultancy and investigation

Digital forensic investigation, due to the increasing role that computers and mobile devices have in all aspects of modern life, is the new brand science that grant a reliable analysis of the electronic devices, retrieve hidden evidence and it is able to support or refuse hypothesis and alibi before court of law.

In the last years we have been cooperating and supporting Law Enforcement and private sector offering the highest level expertise in digital forensics field. Our certified team conducts examinations involving all types of digital media, extracting, processing and analyzing data using state of the art equipment Internationally renowned respecting best practice guidelines. The support of the analysis follows SWGDE Recommendations for CSA applied to the consultancy in trial.

  • Qualified staff
  • Taking evidence from optical and magnetic support
  • Mobile and embedded devices analysis (mobile phones, SIM card, PDA, GPS Navigation devices)
  • Data retrieval and analysis
  • Report and consultancy (courtroom)

Forensics Electronics Analysis