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SecurCube IMAP Downloader

SecurCube IMAP Downloader is a specialized piece of software that enables you to create a local clone of an IMAP account, saving emails as EML files in a folder structure, an invaluable tool for creating local backups.


SecurCube Imap Downloader is a free forensic tool that allows to clone an Imap account in folders and emails (.eml). The application does not require installation, as you only need to launch the downloaded executable file to get started. Quick connection parameters can be set for Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo and several other providers, making your job a lot easier. Once you have entered your account details, the program will scan your account in order to identify existing folders. You can select which of them should be saved, as well as set the maximum number of concurrent downloads.

Imap Downloader allows creating ZIP files with your emails organized into folders.  Once the job is completed, the application will archive everything and create a log file that also contains MD5 and SHA1 hashes. If an account has already been processed, the program can either download all the available data again or just finish a job that hadn’t been completed previously.

Quick connection parameters selection for:

  • Gmail

  • iCloud


  • Yahoo!

  • AOL

  • AT&T

  • MSN

All in all, SecurCube IMAP Downloader can certainly prove to be a helpful application if you wish to backup the contents of one or more IMAP accounts locally. It ensures they are organized in the same folder structure, and it even archives them to facilitate storage.