SecurCube® IMAP Tools is the forensic tool to download the e-mail account, in a easy and intuitive way. The system offers different features between:

  • Downloader: the tools is able to provide, the e-mails contents but also the ‘ID Email’, date and flags (optional the pcap)
  • Browse: the email can be read without modify it from the server (read-only)
  • Migrate: allows to copy the folders of interest from an account to another
  • Export: allows to export and verify the interested folders in each e-mail

This tool is specifically appropriate for those activities of e-mail account analysis with ‘Unread’ messages, therefore it is not possible, legally, to be read by the forensic analyzer.

Fig. 1: Tool main interface.

Fig. 2: IMAP forensic Downloader.

Download the IMAP Tools free demo license

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