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Securcube®Training, Education and Consultancy

Securcube s.r.l. offers its expertise in the field of digital forensics investigations providing training for Law Enforcement, digital experts and Universities

Securcube®Training Program

Certified technical staff hold training providing high value topics:

  • CDRs (Call Detail Records) and HCSLI (Historical Cell Site Location Information), namely CSA (Cell Site Analysis)

  • BTS (Base Transceiver Station) real coverage measurements, field tests

  • Best practice for the analysis of mobile digital evidence and correlation with other sources

Securcube®Training Program is the learning project up to digital experts’ careers. The main topics reflect the constant search of a certified knowledge-sharing fitting to the latest international investigative standards and procedures in the field of cell site analysis (CSA), BTS real coverage measurements and digital forensics best practice in general. In accordance with the investigative technological outlook, Securcube s.r.l. introduces a complete training program suitable to every customers’ skill background with a guaranteed expertise growth and periodic refresher courses to keep updated the knowledge acquired. Hands-on and certification are valuable option offered by Securcube®Training Program. Classes conducted in English, Spanish and Italian.

Securcube®Education Program

Securcube®Education Program in accordance with the latest digital forensics technology and standards required in the field of CSA (Cell Site Analysis) and BTS (Base Transceiver Station) measurements has the aim to supply an education outlook up to the Universities didactic, digital forensics programs. The topic of this project is to provide our best forensics expertise creating a mind-cooperation between our team and future digital experts. Securcube®Education Program is the value-added proposal suitable to European and overseas countries. We assists Universities providing seminars and technology hands-on to several audience targets.

Securcube_Education Program

Digital forensic analysis consultancy

The increasing role that computers, and in this particular case, mobile devices, have in all aspects of modern life, required the appearance of a brand new science that possessed the appropriate instruments and techniques to be in step with the times.
In the last ten years, digital forensics has established itself as one of the most reliable means to support or refute a certain hypothesis before a court of law. Unlike other kinds of forensic investigation sciences, digital forensic does not just serve the interest of the prosecutor but plays an equally important role in the plaintiff’s side or the defendant’s side in a civil suit.

Securcube grants:

  • Qualified staff
  • Taking evidence from optical and magnetic support
  • Mobile and embedded devices analysis (mobile phones, SIM card, PDA, GPS Navigation devices)
  • Data retrieval and analysis 
  • Report and consultancy (courtroom)