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SecurCube develops and sells forensic applications to help the Law Enforcement Agencies in their investigations and offers to the Law Enforcements a wide range of technical services.

The increasing role that computers, and in this particular case, mobile devices, have in all aspects of modern life, required the appearance of a brand new science that possessed the appropriate instruments and techniques to be in step with the times.
In the last ten years, Digital Forensics has established itself as one of the most reliable means to support or refute a certain hypothesis before a court of law. Unlike other kinds of forensic investigation sciences, Digital Forensic does not just serve the interest of the prosecutor but plays an equally important role in the plaintiff’s side or the defendant’s side in a civil suit..

Securcube grants:

  • qualified staff
  • taking of evidence from optical and magnetic support
  • mobile and embedded devices analysis (mobile phones, SIM card, PDA, GPS Navigation devices)
  • data analysis (file extraction, images extraction, web activities reconstruction, hidden files…)
  • Presentation of the results (reports, presence at the debate)
SecurCube offers its services to extract data from mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, hard discs…) by using the latest forensic tool available on the market.  Extracting, analysing, and organising this considerable volume of data may prove to be challenging but SecurCube, thanks to its expertise in the field of the recovery of data, catalogues and classifies all the information needed, to facilitate the investigation process.
For the Law Enforcement Agencies, SecurCube organizes a series of training courses to update and revise the know-how and the techniques essential to conducting a proper forensic analysis or investigation. The company also offers a wide range of courses to better understand and use its forensic software and hardware, SecurCube®Phone Log and SecurCube® BTS Tracker.