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SecurCube is a team of digital forensics experts and IT developers focused on justice.

Hands on experience and constant research: we create highly specialized but easy to use technology for the successful
investigation of phone records and the analysis of cell networks.

Correlate with other multiple sources to create a full circle data validation process. Prove your evidence with more proof.

We provide the method and the tools: the best understanding of digital evidence and the clearest results for the courtroom.


Collect, organize, analyze, validate, and present your evidence with confidence.

Our technology can do it, join us and discover how.

Slide 01 02 Our products PHONELOG Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis,
data mining and 3D mapping
Protection against cyber crime IMSI CATCHER DETECTOR BTS TRACKER High tech cell site coverage survey and analysis DOWNLOADER Digital evidence extraction and management FORENSICS REPORT Customizable automated report creation Full Circle – a forensics system designed to explore more:
complete knowledge, innovative functions, intelligent management, world-class mapping and beyond.
Each tool lights a piece of the puzzle - unite them - hold a complete picture of the digital environment. When investigators hold the power of working how they want, with dedicated tools that work,
they do their best.
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Slide 01 02 Our services arrow_forward_ios arrow_back_ios SecurCube digital forensics LAB
Years of professional experience and technology at your service
OUR KEY EXPERTISE Data Recovery and Examination • Cellebrite, MSAB XRY, EnCE, Oxygen internationally certified engineers
• The latest technology for the most effective in LAB mobile extractions
• Professional and reliable recovery foresite and data protection
• On demand Call Detail Records (CDR) analysis
Cell site field tests and forensics activity • Experienced cell towers real coverage surveys
• Backup to Law Enforcement criminal evidence seizures as per best practices
• LAB evidence research: PCs, GPS devices, smartphones, cameras, SIM cards, etc.
• Reports, assistance and technical documentation
Dedicated evidence management • Complete digital evidence extraction and analysis case filing and support
• Guided procedures to review and present all resources before trial
• Courtroom presentations, consultancy and technical depositions
Our experience will give you an in depth and qualified outlook on how to collect and analyze digital evidence.
Clear answers. Strong evidence. Professional. Secure.
Not just a lab:

Trust Our Experience

Our solutions are born from our daily work and research in the field of digital forensics.

We are people who have been on the field, in the lab and in front of a courtroom. 

Every function and breakthrough was created from real case scenarios and collaborations with Law Enforcement on a global scale.

You can trust our background and professionalism.

Digital Forensics

  • EnCE (openText), CCME (Cellebrite) and many other certifications
  • Professional and reliable data recovery with the latest technology
  • Video, image, and audio analysis for court proceedings

Dedicated evidence assistance

  • Digital evidence management: extraction, analysis and consulting
  • Trial evidence preparation procedures following best practices standards

Digital examination

  • Data analysis on multiple sources: WhatsApp; Email; Movements; etc.
  • On demand Call Detail Records (CDR) analysis
  • Multi evidence correlation and alibi reviews

Field tests and support to Law Enforcement

  • Cell towers real signal coverage survey and mapping
  • Assistance to Law authorities for device seizures and evidence management
  • LAB evidence examination: PCs, GPS, smartphones, Cameras, SIM cards, etc.

Slide TEAM NICOLA CHEMELLO CEO & CO-founder Nicola Chemello is an experienced and certified digital forensics court expert working daily on a wide range of criminal cases and investigations.

Driven. A unique passion for justice and improvement, he is one half of the genesis of SecurCube.
He takes pride in creating the best human and professional collaborations, and genuinely strives to make the world a safer place.

His passion and determination leads towards partnerships, shared experiences and the expansion of our solutions to the world.

He will create your success with dedication and an around the clock purpose and attention.
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Slide TEAM MASSIMO BASTIANON CTO & CO-founder Massimo Bastianon is a developer, forensics expert, and IT engineer, known as the source code artist.

He has dedicated his career to creating efficient, modern and easy to use technology, combining future insights with the need to make his tools accessible to all.

A quiet yet powerful mentor, the other half of the genesis of SecurCube. A leader who listens to all inputs and requests, with patience, curiosity and an outlook that is one step ahead.

Every solution on the screen and in the hardware is an effort to make our partner's work stronger and successful. His focus is on sharing and growing our products and your work.
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Technology is learned through training. We supply both.

Webinars, face to face workshops, and follow up sessions. Forensics training for every level, learn first hand with the people
developing the SecurCube system.

Build on Your knowledge level and certify the technology skills with us.

Securcube has also developed an Academic Program aimed at the investigators of the future: PhoneLog Lab.

We collaborate with Universities all over the world, we wish to expand our network to Your Institution as well

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1. Operating System Windows 10 (32 or 64-bit suggested) Windows 8.1 32 or 64-bit Windows 8 32 or 64-bit 2. Hardware (500.000 average range of data per case) Monitor: 1280×800 or higher – suggested 1920×1800 Ram: suggested 16GB – min 8GB SSD highly recommended Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher 3. Software NET Framework 4.6.2 Microsoft…

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We look forward to showing You how our technology can help You succeed