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SecurCube is a team of digital forensics experts and IT developers focused on justice.

Hands on experience and constant research: we create highly specialized but easy to use technologies for the successful

investigation of phone records and cell tower analysis.

Focus on the correlation of CDR and BTS data with other multiple sources to create a full circle data validation process. Prove your evidence with more proof.

We provide the method and the tools: the best understanding of digital evidence and the clearest results for the courtroom.


Collect, organize, analyze, validate, and present your evidence with confidence.

Our technology can do it, join us and discover how.

Trust Our Experience

Our solutions are born from our daily work and research in the field of digital forensics.

We are people who have been on the field, in the lab and in front of a courtroom. 

Every function and breakthrough was created from real case scenarios and collaborations with Law Enforcement on a global scale.

You can trust our background and professionalism.

Digital Forensics

  • EnCE (openText), CCME (Cellebrite) and many other certifications
  • Professional and reliable data recovery with the latest technology
  • Video, image, and audio analysis for court proceedings

Dedicated evidence assistance

  • Digital evidence management: extraction, analysis and consulting
  • Trial evidence preparation procedures following best practices standards

Digital examination

  • Data analysis on multiple sources: WhatsApp; Email; Movements; etc.
  • On demand Call Detail Records (CDR) analysis
  • Multi evidence correlation and alibi reviews

Field tests and support to Law Enforcement

  • Cell towers real signal coverage survey and mapping
  • Assistance to Law authorities for device seizures and evidence management
  • LAB evidence examination: PCs, GPS, smartphones, Cameras, SIM cards, etc.


Technology is learned through training. We supply both.

Webinars, face to face workshops, and follow up sessions. Forensics training for every level, learn first hand with the people
developing the SecurCube system.

Build on Your knowledge level and certify the technology skills with us.

Securcube has also developed an Academic Program aimed at the investigators of the future: PhoneLog Lab.

We collaborate with Universities all over the world, we wish to expand our network to Your Institution as well

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PhoneLog Version 4.8 Installation Prerequisites

1. Operating System Windows 10 (32 or 64-bit suggested) Windows 8.1 32 or 64-bit Windows 8 32 or 64-bit 2. Hardware (500.000 average range of data per case) Monitor: 1280×800 or higher – suggested 1920×1800 Ram: suggested 16GB – min 8GB SSD highly recommended Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher 3. Software NET Framework 4.6.2 Microsoft…

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We look forward to showing You how our technology can help You succeed