Base Transceiver Stations, the cell towers that surround us all, spread their signal everywhere, but not in a straight, fixed line.
Cell coverage twists and shifts, it is reflected and reversed. Like all environments, the digital one is subject to change.

Learn about SecurCube BTS Tracker Technology

The hardware module collects and charts where and how GSM, UMTS and LTE cell towers of every telephone operator spread the signals.

The software organizes and maps your cell site surveys in an easy to understand way, also creating a statistical real coverage scenario.

Ranges, power, and location. This is the BTS networks. Bring your evidence to light.

The system that collects and analyzes the signal strength and coverage of cell towers where the scan is performed, not intercepting communication, but defining the mobile environment.

Know where the coverage area really is and make your case map real.

From a realistic outlook – not a theoretical one – locate your suspects and validate your criminal case.

Go 360°: correlate real BTS cell site coverage analysis with your phone record analytics.

Locate a communication in the area where its cell tower signal is really being spread.
Join your results with additional digital evidence and validate your criminal case.

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