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Data Recovery

  • Technical engineers, internationally certified (EnCE, UFED System certified, Oxygen Forensic Certifies, XRY certified)
  • The latest technology and tools for the most effective mobile extractions in LAB (updated software tools and hardware equipments)
  • Professionalism in data retrieved
  • Reliable prevision of recovery

Available: the major data acquisition options, including activities on damaged devices or missed information (if possible). Strong cooperation with dedicated services for ad hoc recovery services.

Further services such as video and images analysis; audio analysis, etc on demand.

Dedicated assistance on evidence gathered

  • Assistance on digital evidence gathered, extracted and analysed
  • Guided procedure to review stored digital evidence before trial

Data examination

  • Law authorities can ask for the certified technical engineers consultancy with data extraction and examination for trial
  • Data analysis about topic of interest (Whatsapp; Email; Images analysis etc.)
  • Call Detail Records (CDR) analysis on demand
  • Report creation about the activity and trial debate presence (if required)

Digital Experts in field tests and law authorities’ activity

  • Experienced operators for the analysis of cell towers coverage
  • Assistance to Law authorities in suspects goods seizure
  • LAB examination of digital evidence from seizure (for example PCs; GPS; smartphones; Cameras; SIM cards etc.)