A tool for digital analysis designed by digital experts

A criminal investigation can lead to email accounts and other digital data.


The professional investigator manages these resources with best practices and the courtroom in mind:
protect and use your evidence and data with care.


SecurCube Downloader is forensics software for the efficient and professional extraction of IMAP email accounts and Google location history when credentials to access the account to be downloaded are available.


It creates well-organized and easy-to-access hash files for evidence storage.

It offers technicians different features:

  • Full account, single folder or single email content download
  • Email visualization in ‘read-only’ mode without modifying the unread status in the inbox
  • Log of IMAP messages shared with the server
  • A variety of user controlled custom download filters: date range, read emails, etc.
  • Google timeline (formerly Google location history) download
  • The Google Position Viewer to visualize Google Takeout position files and Google timeline exports on the map

No screenshots, no confusion: hashed and secure files and folders specially designed for criminal cases and the courtroom.

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Test its easy to use interface and powerful functions on 20 emails

for every folder and also on all Google locations limited to the current day.

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