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With our “Solving a Murder Case with Mobile Forensics Tool“, Securcube’s chairman Nicola Chemello and Carlo Destro, digital forensics examiner, will be present at the DFRWS USA, this year in Seattle.

“The workshop is an interactive lecture based on a real murder case, with topics based on real experience. The presentation will follow three main lines of investigation: a traditional detective, a CDR (Call Data Records) examiner, and a mobile extractions examiner. Based on the technologies and the tools these examiners use, we document their findings step by step, note their best insights, and discuss their mistakes. Furthermore, we will illustrate how combining the massive amount of useful data found in the CDR data, content of mobile extractions, GPS or GPX info from a car, personal fitness tracker info, and the videos from surveillance cameras will give the examiners the complete pictures of surrounding events, counteracting the anti-forensic pieces of evidence and ensuring the integrity of their findings.”