Crime. It works in many ways.

IMSI Catchers are hostile digital devices used to intercept and track smartphones.

They act as phony cell towers invading the connection between the target – you – and your provider: a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack.


How can this be done?

Creating a strong signal, attractive to your cell phone: the less a smartphone has to roam for good service the more battery power it saves and the better coverage it gets.

Once an IMSI CATCHER hooks your phone, cyber criminals have access to what is stored there, breaching your privacy and stealing your personal data.

They can work on multiple devices creating a malignant and corrupted digital environment for buildings and areas where they are operating.

This is bad news, what is worse is that these devices can be carried around and can’t be detected for what they really are.


SecurCube IMSI CATCHER Detector is the solution

We have designed and built a system that studies the standard radio environment of an area: defining and mapping how the legitimate cell towers spread their real signals to you.

If and when a hostile device modifies what is the norm, IMSI CATCHER Detector knows it and notifies security immediately.

The system that collects and analyzes the signal strength and coverage of cell towers where the scan is performed, not intercepting communication, but defining the mobile environment.

Create an active net of surveillance that IMSI CATCHERS cannot detect and protect your sensitive areas from crime.

Trust our years of hands on experience and technical knowledge of how cell sites and radio communication work.

We can plan, design, develop and implement custom built systems of protection.

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