The installation and the correct use of the software Securcube Phone Log requires prerequisite hardware and software.

Before starting the installation of the prerequisite check that your computer and useable system are up to date.

In the table below you can check if your computer is compatible with the software.

Operative system:

Windows 8.1 32/64-bit
Windows 8 32/64-bit
Windows 7 SP1 32/64-bit
Windows Vista SP2 32/64-bit


Display: 1200x800px or higher
RAM: 512MB minimum, 4GB recommended
CPU: 1.0GHz to 1.4GHz x86 or for x64 processors

* Hardware specifications depend directly on the amount of data we are going to develop


Framework 4.5.1
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (installation tutorial)
Microsoft Office 2010 or newer (optional, but recommended for the optimal import excel file)

After reviewing the requirements of the operating system and hardware, we can proceed to install Microsoft Framework 4.5.1 (which most likely it is already installed in most PCs) and Microsoft SQL Server 2014, following the tutorial, paying attention to user management.

After installing the required software we can start to install Securcube Phone Log.

The installation of the software does not require additional settings. Just run the setup Phonelog_4.0.XXXXX.msi and lead to the thermal processed.

The first time the program will ask you two things:

  • License Code (directly linked to the machine running the software)
  • The database connection

For the license code you will see a screen like this:


Copy the machine code and send it by mail or, if you are connected to the Internet, use the appropriate button to send the request directly.
After entering the code you should see a screen like this:

phonelog-v4-license-okThe next step is the creation of the database. If you have properly installed the prerequisites
simply click the button “Create Database” and after a few seconds the program will start.


If an error “Unable to connect to server” or “Can not connect to database.” Probably the installation is Microsoft SQL Server was not performed or it was not ended successfully. Check again the tutorial.

If you have a non-standard configuration, click on “Advanced” and you can freely edit the connection parameters.

phonelog-v4-create-database-advancedIf everything goes well this is the first screen to log Securcube Phone: