OK, you’ve just clicked on NEW SECRET CHAT on Telegram iPhone App.
It guarantees you:
* Use end-to -end encryption
* Leave no trace on our servers
* Self-destruct timer
* Do not allow forwarding

So you set the self-destruct timer to the minimum possible value.
OK, now all the information that you send to your correspondent are not decipherable by third parties and should self-destruct without leaving any trace behind.

Even if you write to a someone who doesn’t know what a screenshot is, the photo you just sent left a trace!

If you thought it was safe sending those pictures to your boyfriend, you probably want to read to the end.
Let see how:
* Create a NEW SECRET CHAT with a friend
* Set Self-Destruct Timer to 2s
* Ask her/him to send you a picture
* When the get the notification, just open the Telegram App, without tapping on the image preview. Let expire the Self-Destruct Timer.
* Well. Photo lost forever? Untraceable?
* Check in your Camera Roll…

Tested on Telegram v2.0.1 on iPhone 5