If the computer does not have SQL server, you must correctly install it.
If this is already installed you can skip the next section.

Download the installation file at this link:




Select the most appropriate version, normally the x64 version: On some computers you need to download the 32-bit x86 version


After running the installation files of SQL server, in a few seconds the PC prepares the necessary files shown in the figure and prompts the user for permission to install SQL Server as shown in the figure.


It gives a screen like the one in Figure 2.12, there you can click New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation to start the installation of SQL Server 2014. After a few seconds a screen similar to the one presented in figure indicating that started the installation wizard. Even now, you can close the window by clicking the red X in the picture at the top right. It is prompted to accept the license terms to continue with the installation.
If your computer has Internet connection, the installation process automatically checks for updates available online and asks the user whether to include the installation of SQL Server in place.











IMPORTANT: in this screen you must enter the user or users who are going to use the program. If you are installing as an administrator user you must also add the user who is going to use Securcube Phone Log.