Training for every level required

CDR analysis, forensics radio coverage survey & Cell Site Analysis (CSA)

SecurCube training program is the learning project up to digital experts’ careers. The main topics reflect the constant search of a certified knowledge-sharing fitting to the latest international investigative procedures in the field of cellular forensics, namely radio coverage survey (BTS – Base Transceiver Station) and phone records examination (CDR – Call Detail Record). SecurCube srl introduces a complete training program suitable to every digital experts’ skills with a guaranteed expertise growth and periodic refresher courses to establish the knowledge acquired.
Certified digital experts teach the class and assist participants in every step of the learning. It is available also the certification exam to qualify operators in the use of the technology.

Specific training (on project) can reply efficiently to the groups of participants with skilled learning requests. Hands-on and certification are some of the valuable options offered by SecurCube training program. Training available for Law Enforcement Agencies and private digital experts (consultants, prosecutors’ offices, investigators, forensics lab etc.). Depending on the program, the participants have to fulfill the prerequisites of attendance.

Which are the main topics?

  • Forensics radio coverage survey (BTS – Base Transceiver Station). Theoretical and practical approach aiming to ensure the access to the best practice for the analysis of the data gathered from cell towers in proceedings.
  • Cross-analysis of HCSLI (Historical Cell Site Location Information) within CDRs (Call Detail Record), namely CSA (Cell Site Analysis), focusing on the main role of the cell towers in cellular forensics, profiling movements alibi.
  • Call Detail Records (CDR) analysis in general and correlation with other digital forensics sources (i.e. mobile extractions; GPS logs etc.).
  • Certification on SecurCube srl technology: this proposal envisages several knowledge levels to acquire for the correct use of the technology, the analysis and results exposure.

To whom is it addressed?

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Digital experts (consultants; lawyers etc.)
  • Technical engineers in the field of digital forensics
  • Dig. For. LABs
  • Companies
  • Depending on the program, the participants have to fulfill the prerequisites of attendance.

Where training takes place?

  • At SecurCube srl headquarters (Italy)
  • At customer’s stay (European Union or Extra EU)

SecurCube® LAB, Academic Education program

Since 2012 SecurCube has developed hardware and software solutions in the field of digital forensics. The company immediately understood the importance of digital forensics in Academic programs and has started to promote the project called “SecurCube®PhoneLog Education LAB”.

Today ‘PhoneLog Education LAB’ is available at our Academic partners’ venues in the UK and the US. This project is bringing into the play even more stakeholders with a significant margin of implementation given by brand new technology and a continued research of valuable solutions for investigative purposes.

Securcube_Education Program