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Software for the analysis of phone records (CDR) and historical cell site location and information (HCSLI), namely the cell site analysis (CSA). The system grants a multilevel examination of the insights hidden to a preliminary analysis.


After the digital evidence gathering, the software Securcube®Phonelog helps investigators importing and parsing the data with a streamlined approach that captures the most relevant insight of the growing crime scenario. The system reflects investigators’ constant search of up-to-date digital forensics systems, where regardless do not forget the usability.

The software is compatible with worldwide cellular providers (carriers) and CDRs formats. It matches with mobile extractions from MSAB XRY, Oxygen Forensics and Cellebrite UFED. Furthermore, it can combine the results obtained with GPS tracks (.gpx), highway traffic logs and other data extracted from vehicles. Finally, it also compares the log files with real BTS (Base Transceiver Station) coverage, from Securcube®BTS Tracker.

Our key customers:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Government authorities

  • Prosecutors’ offices

  • Consultants, solicitors, litigators

  • Private investigators

  • Digital forensics Labs

  • Private digital forensics experts and companies

What makes Securcube®PhoneLog stand out

This technology was born to slim down the workload of digital experts daily committed in phone records analysis. The tool parses different data sources at the same time for the in-depth examination of the junctions between the digital evidence what with a standard one-way investigation could remain potentially unexplored. The straightforward system meets every investigators’ technical skill and the results obtained are easy to understand and demonstrate in courtroom.

What’s new on PhoneLog v4.7?

  • Securcube®PhoneLog gets even greater bringing together the experience of IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook®

    Now Securcube®PhoneLog is compatible with IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook®. Export the results obtained with PhoneLog during the cross-analysis of CDR with digital evidence from different sources, directly in to IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook® for further graphical and efficient analysis.

‘Search on records’ results visualisation with IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook®*.
*IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook is registered trademark of Business Machines Corporation.

Have a preview:

  • Graphic analytic chronological overview
  • Export in IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook®
    • Subscribers
    • Search on records
    • Search results in TimeLine
  • Export movements in .gpx format and .kml format (to display in Google Earth and similar software)
  • Habits heatmap activity by hours chart improved
  • Three different pattern types to draw the cells’ lobes
  • New settings options for SQL connection (encryption, timeout, reconnection, etc.)
  • Added the Log viewer function
  • For structured investigative organizations is available Securcube®’Cell Service’ that optimizes also the search of information between the offices, namely central and local units and Groups.

Securcube®PhoneLog data examination and map out

Key features

Cell Site Analysis with Securcube®PhoneLog, digital evidence gathering & data parsing

  • Compatibility with more than 50 international telephone operators and more than 500 CDRs’ structures
  • Analytic capabilities
  • Multilevel analysis from basic to advanced
  • Supported data cleaning-up prior investigator’s authorization
  • Online and offline examination
  • Export of any data stored (.pdf; .txt; .xml, .gpx, .kml, etc.)
  • Validation by HASH code
  • Complete case folder with original files
  • In-depth search between ‘entities’ (users; subscribers; cells; IMEI/IMSI etc.)
  • Map outlook for the mobile movements (geographical mapping)
  • Check junctions between ‘entities’, with geo locations and time frames
  • Cross-analysis between mobile contents, phone records, cells coverage
  • Suspects’ events statistics and graphs interconnection with counterparts
  • Excellent functions for data visualization (pie charts; heatmaps; bar charts etc.)
  • Clear patterns of communication displayed
  • Multi case analysis among proceedings locally and remotely


[…] I am very excited to use the software. Phone Log is a great and stable environment for every professional who would like to analyze CDRs. As one of them, I found an user-friendly product with many analysis techniques.[…]I would like also to mention great support from a responsive and friendly team who were always working on finding solutions on every issue that I had.
G. A. Karathanasis, Forensic Digital Evidence & Video Examiner Computer Engineer - GREECE
During cell phone related investigations one of the most tedious tasks to perform is the mapping of cell towers and trying to figure out who called who, how many times, at what time of the day, from what locations, etc.
Phone Log makes this very easy.
It not only creates an easy to read map of cell tower locations but it makes searches for the target phones, as well as many other components, as easy as clicking a button.
Phonelog has saved me many hours of frustrating, tedious work.
Also, I want to mention that the guys at SecurCube have the best support in the business, bar none.
Larry Smith, Nevada Digital Forensics Las Vegas - Nevada USA
[…] grazie all’utilizzo del predetto software è stato possibile analizzare, im modo semplice, intuitivo e, nello stesso tempo, rigoroso, 100,000 record di chiamate in entrata e in uscita avvenute nell’arco temporale di un anno sulle 12 utenze telefoniche mobili in uso a 3 persone indagate, ottenendo risultati importanti dal punto di vista investigativo.
Squadra di Polizia Giudiziaria, Polizia Stradale
[Phonelog] è risultato efficace, di immediato e agevole utilizzo […] idoneo alle esigenze investigative e ottima è risultata la normalizzazione dei dati con gli importatori di cui il software è munito.
Il processo di analisi dei tabulati telefonici […] è stato ottimo.
Nucleo Operativo e Radiomobile, Legione Carabinieri
Il programma […] è risultato essere un valido supporto al lavoro di analisi – investigativa.
Si ritiene che fra gli aspetti positivi è da segnalare l’efficiente funzionamento del software, il quale ha permesso di fornire prestazioni effettivamente efficaci nell’ambito della ricerca rapida delle zone/aree geografiche in cui si trovava il numero monitorato, l’incrocio tra le varie utenze monitorate, permettendo all’operatore di ‘istruire’ il programma sulle proprie specifiche esigenze e adattarlo alla propria operatività.
Si esprime vivo apprezzamento, sia per il supporto […] sia per le caratteristiche e le potenzialità proprio del prodotto.
L’uso del programma è tanto intuitivo e lineare, quanto completo nelle possibilità di analisi e report.
Sezione di Polizia Giudiziaria, Procura della Repubblica
Ben sviluppato con attenzione a vari particolari utili all’attività investigativa. Aiuta notevolmente la lettura e l’analisi o studio dei tabulati telefonici specialmente se contengono un enorme volume di dati.
[…] questo nucleo operativo è rimasto molto soddisfatto, sia per il software che risulta all’avanguardia e molto utile per attività d’indagine di Polizia Giudiziaria complesse, sia per la disponibilità mostrata dal personale operante di Codesta Azienda.
Nucleo Investigativo, Legione Carabinieri
[Phonelog] opltre a dare riscontro ai collegamenti utenze-IMEI-celle frutto dell’analisi manuale dei tabulati, l’utilizzo del sistema ha permesso di individuare nuove ed importantissime connessioni sull’enorme mole di dati in nostro possesso, fornendo utilissimi spunti investigativi, difficilmente raggiungibili con un’analisi esclusivamente manuale degli stessi.
Nucleo Operativo e Radiomobile, Legione Carabinieri