PhoneLog – works faster

It thinks:

Smart and automatic import and management of data formats – even if they change: artificial intelligent functions will react to them and smoothen the import process.

Quick and precise event searches: surf your phone records and digital evidence easily. Mine and define digital behaviours, call patterns, contacts, and habits.

Work on multiple cases , on multiple users, and cross reference all your leads efficiently.

Innovative and powerful 3D mapping that will surprise you and the courtroom – the digital environment made easy.


Import phone records and other connected evidence:

The tool that allows investigators to analyze evidence and data that has been received for a case.

GPS logs, CCTV camera feeds, digital extractions, wiretaps, BTS logs. Your PhoneLog system can take it, manage it, line it up, and use it to create complete, validated, and whole evidence cases in a forensically sound way.


Set up your environment as best suits your needs:

You can choose to store your case data on an offline network or in the cloud, to be shared with other offices or kept in a dedicated lab.