Software for phone records analysis and digital evidence correlation

Everyone uses their smartphones and the mobile networks that surround us run in parallel with the real world, turning people into traceable mobile identities.

Information is automatically stored in phone records and in a device’s memory, an invaluable source of evidence for criminal court cases.

The goal of digital forensics is to collect, define, and analyze this data to solve crimes, following digital footprints and reconstructing past events.

SecurCube PhoneLog is designed to empower investigators and maximize the potential of evidence generated by smartphones, validating it through third party and unalterable CDR data.

Achieve the most complete analysis results in the least amount of time.


The tool that allows investigators to analyze digital evidence in one environment:

  • Call Detail Records are the most impartial and reliable source of digital evidence today.
  • Mobile extractions consents collecting a device’s contents: pictures, e-mails, texts, internet navigation history, and more.
  • Cell site analysis provides information of where cell towers really spread their signal with statistical BTS Tracker real coverage data.

PhoneLog correlates multiple streams and delivers the 360° data validation every digital investigation requires.

Line up, confront, and map all your sources together.


Perform modern, in-depth analytical investigation and follow your intuitions and insights.

Use precise queries to custom built on map meeting points and movements. Extract from the data multiple user habits, connections, and patterns to understand digital footprints and the links to other users.

A state of the art 3D map that can be populated with points of interest, pictures, and additional data traced by digital footprints created by smartphones connecting to cell towers.

Animate user paths, behaviors, and meeting points between entities through PhoneLog’s state of the art mapping technology

PhoneLog develops a solid and logical method for the in-depth reconstruction of mobile profiles and alibis.

Read the International Best Practices for the Cell Sites Analysis provided by SWGDE (Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence).

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