The technology for case management and customizable automated report creation. 

Every expert in the forensics analysis process starts from being assigned to a case and includes collecting and managing of evidence, the use of specific tools and finally describing the results obtained.

It is the application of science to the law by gathering and examining evidence to be used in a legal case.

The final report is the mirror of this delicate, scientific and important work.

Avoid the copy and paste from previous documentations and reduce the time it takes to file a forensics report. Create the most professional, error free and customized court presentation documents in line with international best practices. 

By simply adding your forensics work including chain of custody, persons involved, evidence and instrumentation descriptions, analysis statements and conclusions to the program, a final complete well-formed forensics report is efficiently created by the Forensics Report technology.

  • Error free and user friendly

  • Highly customizable

  • Case management

  • Device status

  • Automated tasks

Drag and drop your acquisition logs and let the software create well written word documents, compliant with best international pratices for digital forensics.

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